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SEO Packages From £80.00 Per Month

We understand that you can try to improve your site without the help of an experienced consultant, but if you don’t understand the mechanics behind SEO, you can actually make mistakes that can seriously damage your business.

Would you try to fix your car if you didn’t know what you were doing?

Our aim is to maximize your website’s visibility, while making it more efficient and increasing your bottom-line. With this in mind, we firmly believe we can represent a great SEO service for your site. Below are standard service features we offer as part of any SEO campaign.

  • Keyword Research

  • Link Building

  • On Page SEO Analysis

  • Monthly Analytics

  • Submission To Googles Index

  • Monthly Support

  • Suggestions Of Site Improvement

  • Visitor / Rank Reports Each Month

How Does A Search Work?

SEO Overview

We all understand that getting noticed on the internet can be tough. Your website can provide a great user experience and look fantastic yet still attract a small amount of visitors. The most common and reliable way to improve your website traffic is to achieve high ranking on search engines such as Google. This is known a websites SERPs  or search engine rank. To improve SERPs you have to understand how a search engine works and how your site can be ‘google friendly’ (on page optimisation).

On Page Optimisation Or On Page SEO

Google and other major search engines use ‘crawlers’ or ‘spiders’ to search the web for sites and analyse new content 24/7. These ‘crawlers’ or ‘spiders’ read web pages and index them according to the terms/keywords that show up often in sections of the page. If the ‘crawlers’ or ‘spiders’ find keywords in the right places they are more likely to categorise the pages to the relevant index.

Off Page SEO Or Link Building

On page optimisation isn’t the only important factor search engines take into consideration when generating rankings.  A site could be well optimised, with all the relevant keywords and content but still not be seen anywhere. To determine the quality and trustworthiness of a website, the search engines will use link analysis. Link analysis means how many other Web pages link back to your website.

Step By Step & FAQ’s


Research Your Niche

Keyword research and plan out a suitable campaign for your niche.

On Page Optimisation

On Page SEO

Analyse and adjust your site for better crawlability


Ranking Analysis

Monitor keyword rankings and visitors to your site each month



Reports are provided each month of your sites visitors and rankings. At this point we can suggest improvements if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding SEO

How Long Do I Need To Run An Campaign

Now this may sound like a typical sales technique but SEO is an on going process for many reasons. Most if not all the time search engines like ‘Google’ change the way their algorithm works, your competition increase their efforts in SEO, new standards in coding, amended guidelines and so on and so on. So we have to  constantly improve and alter our techniques to keep up with the latest changes and competition through-out the duration of your campaign in order to keep your rankings as high as possible.

Do I Need SEO?

In short yes. You can spend your money and time making a great website but if it can not be found then your visitors will only be from word of mouth. People won’t know your website exists unless you can be found through search engines such as Google.

How Hard Is It To Be On Page One?

There are no certainties to getting to page one as it depends on competition like any line of business. Competing against huge, well established and well optimised websites will be difficult. Before we start any SEO campaign it is highly recommended to start with low and medium competition keywords to gain better exposure through search engines results. Once your site has strong on page SEO and backlink history we can then start targeting more competitive keywords.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword or key phrase is the query you want to be shown for. For example a user is looking for an electrician local to the Birmingham area. The user types in ‘electrician Birmingham’ into Google and the list of related websites will show. This can be also classed as a search term.

How Many Keywords Is Recommended?

We recommend keywords based on the size of your site. Typically a small site can only stretch between 3 to 5 keywords due to the amount of relevant content, where as a larger site can use far more providing there is enough content relating to the keywords you which to score for.

Is SEO Done After My Website Is Built?

We highly recommend your site is built with SEO in mind, if it isn’t then the effectiveness of any SEO campaign will be limited. Often we see websites that are built so poorly that making a few adjustments just wont work short or long term. If your website has not been designed by us or is not SEO friendly we may recommend a part or full restructure through-out.

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